As a company with more than 20 years of experience, modern production facility and range of quality products, “Fine Food” is an ideal partner in opening a bakery anywhere in the region, but also anywhere in the world.

“Fine Food” offers a simple franchise model that involves the complete transfer of all elements of the brand – from uniform product quality achieved through strict adherence to baking and serving procedures, furbishing and decorating business units, to product placement and display. The recognizable and unique design of our retail stores, together with the top service of the sales staff, aim to provide every consumer with a flawless shopping experience.

In addition to specially selected raw materials and recipes, the use of the latest technology and international certificates server as guarantee for uniform product quality, which allows consumers to enjoy products of the same quality, in any of the “Fine Food” locations.

Since our operating model is proven and successful, previous experience or knowledge from the baking or retail industry is not mandatory. The complete process from the moment of signing the contract to the realization will be accompanied and supported by our team, which will transfer all the experience and systematized knowledge to the partner, which is needed to start and successfully run a bakery business in a relatively short time.

Wondering why to become our partner? The advantages are multiple:

Strength of the brand – By entering a franchise agreement, the partner gets the right to use an already established brand on the market, which guarantees recognition.

Transfer of a proven business model – The purchase of a franchise works on a turnkey basis – the partner gets a complete business concept of “Fine Food” – which works successfully, but still retains relative business independence. Consequently, entrepreneurs who buy a franchise have a much higher chance of success during the initial years of business, than those who start their own business with a new brand.

Partner Support – Franchisees enjoy multiple support in all business segments, including:

  • Consultations when furbishing stores and acquiring equipment,
  • Education of partners on operational procedures,
  • Training of partner employees on product preparation and presentation,
  • Support through marketing investment and national campaigns.

Marketing – To help and accelerate the development of partners, “Fine Food” will invest part of the marketing funds into opening of each franchise unit. In addition, our marketing team, based on research and feedback from the market, creates and spreads specially formulated communication to consumers throughout the year, and performs promotional activities that benefit all retail units in the chain.

Finance and Profit – Partners make a return on investment much faster than they would by starting a brand-new business with an unknown brand. As franchisees are getting a tested business concept, most costs can be accurately predicted at the beginning, meaning that smaller start-up capital is needed. The partners also benefit from the collective purchasing power of “Fine Food”, so part of the equipment and certain products can be purchased on more favourable terms.

Therefore, it can be concluded that franchising can be very profitable. However, although “Fine Food” provides all the necessary support, the ultimate success of a franchise ultimately depends on how well the partners run their business.

If you want to be a part of our story, and you think you have what it takes, fill out the application form as the first step to the “Fine Food” franchise!