Pie is a common meal in the Balkan region, comprised of fine, crispy pastry with mouthwatering filling.  It is one of the most beloved regional cuisines and has grown to be incredibly well-known and sought-after outside the Balkans as a result of its distinctive flavor.

In a contemporary production facility, where the entire production process complies with international certificates like ISO 9001:2015, HACCAP, IFS, and Halal, which serve as a guarantee for the quality of Fine Food products, we produce pie from premium raw materials and in accordance with a traditional recipe.

Using contemporary quick-freezing technology, we freeze freshly baked pies, preserving all the flavor and aroma that we love about homemade pies. By doing this, you can always have a homemade Bosnian pie in your freezer, ready to bake as directed once you preheat the oven.  Simply enjoy the ideal aroma of freshly baked pie as you wait for the pie to cool.

Preparation instructions:

Arrange the frozen product on a greased baking tray and coat with oil. Place in a preheated oven and bake at 220°C for 20-25 minutes. After baking, coat the product with a mixture of oil and water or sour cream to preference. Deviations from the instructions are possible, depending on the type of oven.

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