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In addition to our effort on conquering the Bosnian market, from our early days we have been working diligently on the product line intended for placement on foreign markets, which was created as a combination of tradition and modern technology. Our export range consists of products treated with a special deep-freeze technology, classified into five basic segments: pies, flatbreads and buns, pizza bases, puff pastry products and confectionery program.

Although we are committed to tradition, we are always open to innovations. We are continuously working on new ideas, and thus expanding our product range. To ensure highest product quality and further growth and development of our business and, we are constantly working on new investments and the improvement of our production technologies. Starting from raw materials, through the entire production process and distribution, our imperative is quality. When it comes to product quality and safety, rigorous control systems and procedures resulting from certificates such as ISO 9001: 2015, HACCP, Halal and IFS, ensure that all criteria are met, at every step of the production process.

Our team, with years of experience in the food industry, has the knowledge that allows us to provide consumers with an unforgettable consumer experience, highest product quality and an excellent value for money. In addition to working on product quality, we are also dedicated to developing our branding and packaging that exudes strength and beauty.

Although we stand firmly behind the Fine Food brand, we are ready to adapt to different requirements and needs, and therefore we offer the possibility of “private label” production for our valued clients. In this way, the client receives a quality and well-designed product on a turnkey basis, at a competitive price and always within the agreed delivery time.

Confident in the quality of our offer, our goal is to enable consumers around the world to enjoy our products. You can find more information about our products in our export catalog.


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Continuous investments in modern production plant and employee education, use of the latest technology in production processes, and international certificates such as ISO 9001: 2015, HACCP, IFS and Halal, serve as a guarantee for the quality of Fine Food products.

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