Fine Food presented the perfect pizza dough based on a recipe from Italian pizzaioli

Fine Food presented the perfect pizza dough based on a recipe from Italian pizzaioli

On September 23rd, FINE FOOD LLC, Sarajevo-based industry of bakery products, desserts, and food, did a presentation of its range of more than 190 products to business partners, friends, and the media, in a company headquarters. Focus was on perfect pizza bases, which are unique product on the Bosnian market.

Fine Food pizza bases are made in a craft way – by hand, and according to a unique recipe, considering the timely sequence of activities during the entire production process, in order to obtain the perfect final product. They represent a combination of quality, speed and ease of preparation.

Thanks to the continuous cooperation with Mr. Matteo Berardini from the Italian Association of Pizza Masters “Istituto Nazionale Pizzaioli” (INP), Fine Food has brought the recipe of the pizza base to perfection. Deep-frozen pizza bases are perfect for all types of catering, as they simplify operating procedures, and allow business owners and managers to avoid the costs and obstacles they may encounter in preparing the perfect pizza dough, but also for all regular consumers who want to prepare an authentic Italian pizza at their home in a matter of minutes.

Fine Food pizza bases are characterized by ease of use, flexibility, and speed they offer. For a perfect pizza, with a little imagination, add the desired ingredients to a half-baked, thawed pizza base, and bake them together for a few minutes in the oven! If you are a restaurant or pizzeria owner, forget about hiring a quality pizzaioli, who is ultimately hard to find nowadays.


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Continuous investments in modern production plant and employee education, use of the latest technology in production processes, and international certificates such as ISO 9001: 2015, HACCP, IFS and Halal, serve as a guarantee for the quality of Fine Food products.

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