Although our development has started more than two decades ago, Fine Food has been established as a new brand on Bosnian-Herzegovinian market in 2017. We engage in production and distributionof finished and semi-finished pastries, desserts and bakery products. But we offer much more than that…

We firmly believe that phrase “fast food” must include elements of a healthy diet, equally tasty and fast. Hence, our primary goal is to contribute to development of urban gastronomy, by creating products from locally sourced, healthy raw ingredients.

Our retail network which currently accounts for 13 outlets, has been carefully tailored to offer an unique and seamless shopping experience to our customers. Accordingly, our mission is to lead by an example and thereby to develop the Bosnian-Herzegovinian gastronomy to a new, modern level, which satisfies European and global standards.

All products from our portfolio are developed in collaboration with gastronomic experts, with focus on the quality and origin of our ingredients. In addition to premium ingredients, we have achieved our authentic taste by utilizing the latest food technologies in production and using the traditional Bosnian recipes.

Our prodution facility is based in Bosnia and Herzegovina and currently we employ more than 180 employees across various sectors. Quality of our products is guaranteed by national and international certificates of quality and safety. As environmentally friendly corporation, by utilizing the latest generation technologies, we ensure that the footprint we leave in our natural environment is absolutely minimized.